The Frigates of EVE Online

Eve (Series)

CCP Author

Shanghai Diary

Ursula Bacon Author
Various Illustrator

He-Man and She-Ra

Various Author

Another Chance to Get It Right

Andrew Vachss Author
Various Illustrator

The Art of Star Wars

Zack Davisson Author

Pillars of Eternity Guidebook...

Pillars of Eternity Guidebook (Series)

Obsidian Entertainment Author

Miniature Final Fantasy

Square Enix Author
Tatsuya Tanaka Author

The Art of DuckTales

Ken Plume Author
Disney Author

The World of Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Author
Jonathan Gray Author

The Art of Deathloop

Arkane Studios Author
Bethesda Softworks Author

The Art of Battletoads

Rare Ltd. Author
Chris Allcock Author

The Art of He-Man and the...

Mattel Author
Stuart Bam Author


Dave Gibbons Author
Dave Gibbons Illustrator