The Case of the Murderous Dr....

Dean Jobb Author
Steven Crossley Narrator

The Comet Seekers

Helen Sedgwick Author
Billie Fulford-Brown Narrator

Tuscan Daughter

Lisa Rochon Author
Carlotta Brentan Narrator

The Spectacular

Zoe Whittall Author
Hillary Huber Narrator

The Listeners

Jordan Tannahill Author
Deborah Pearson Narrator

My Grandfather's Knife

Joseph Pearson Author
Alex Wyndham Narrator

The Apothecary's Garden

Jeanette Lynes Author
Denice Stradling Narrator


Emma Donoghue Author
Aidan Kelly Narrator

The Virgins of Venice

Gina Buonaguro Author
Carlotta Brentan Narrator

Learned by Heart

Emma Donoghue Author
Shiromi Arserio Narrator

Pride and Joy

Louisa Onomé Author
Yinka Ladeinde Narrator

The Laundryman's Boy

Edward Y. C. Lee Author

Sweetness in the Skin

Ishi Robinson Author
Deja Bowens Narrator

Behind You

Catherine Hernandez Author
Catherine Hernandez Narrator

Pearly Everlasting

Tammy Armstrong Author

A Good Indian Girl

Mansi Shah Author