The Girl in His Shadow

Audrey Blake Author

The Girls in the Stilt House

Kelly Mustian Author

A Wolf in Duke's Clothing

Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde (Series)

Susanna Allen Author

Death in Daylesford

Phryne Fisher (Series)

Book 21

Kerry Greenwood Author

When You Give a Rogue a Rebel

Jane Ashford Author

City of Dark Corners

Jon Talton Author

You've Got Plaid

Prince Charlie's Angels (Series)

Eliza Knight Author

A Cowboy of Legend

Lone Star Legends (Series)

Linda Broday Author

High Country Justice

Caleb Marlowe (Series)

Book 1

Nik James Author

The Lost Gallows

Henri Bencolin (Series)

Book 3

John Dickson Carr Author
Martin Edwards Author of introduction, etc.