The Literary Absolute

SUNY series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory (Series)

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe Author
Jean-Luc Nancy Author

Working at the Margins

SUNY series, Power, Social Identity, and Education (Series)

Frances Julia Riemer Author
Frederick Erickson Author of introduction, etc.

Philosophy and the City

Sharon M. Meagher Editor

Education and Democratic Theory

SUNY series, Democracy and Education (Series)

A. Belden Fields Author
Walter Feinberg Author

Ontology and the Art of Tragedy

SUNY series in Ancient Greek Philosophy (Series)

Martha Husain Author

Scattering Point

Jeff Gundy Author

Traveling through the Boondocks

Terry Caesar Author

From Pariah to Priority

SUNY series, Studies in Human Rights (Series)

Elise Carlson Rainer Author


SUNY series, Trans-Indigenous Decolonial Critiques (Series)

Victor Montejo Author

The Nation or the Ummah

Birol Başkan Author
Ömer Taşpınar Author

One over Many

SUNY series in Ancient Greek Philosophy (Series)

Necip Fikri Alican Author

An Introduction to the Study...

Richard H. Jones Author

Mexico Unmanned

SUNY series in Latin American Cinema (Series)

Samanta Ordóñez Author

Pragmatist Ethics

SUNY series in American Philosophy and Cultural Thought (Series)

James Jakób Liszka Author

Unruly Catholic Feminists

Excelsior Editions (Series)

Jeana DelRosso Editor
Leigh Eicke Editor

The Amorous Imagination

SUNY series in Contemporary French Thought (Series)

D. Andrew Yost Author

The Humanistic Background of...

SUNY series in American Philosophy and Cultural Thought (Series)

Philipp Frank Author
George A. Reisch Editor

The Cultural Power of...

Jared Kemling Editor

The Space of the Transnational

SUNY series, Genders in the Global South (Series)

Shirin E. Edwin Author

Sensitive Negotiations

SUNY series, Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century (Series)

Nikki Hessell Author

Stakes Is High

SUNY series, Critical Race Studies in Education (Series)

Derrick R. Brooms Author

Unholy Trinity

SUNY series in Latin American Cinema (Series)

Rebecca Janzen Author

Leo Strauss on Democracy,...

SUNY series in the Thought and Legacy of Leo Strauss (Series)

Timothy W. Burns Author

Struggles for Equal Voice

Yuya Kiuchi Author

Human Rights Standards

SUNY series, James N. Rosenau series in Global Politics (Series)

Makau Mutua Author

Troubled Memories

SUNY series, Genders in the Global South (Series)

Oswaldo Estrada Author

Coping with Terrorism

SUNY series in the Trajectory of Terror (Series)

Rafael Reuveny Editor
William R. Thompson Editor

Before Identity

Richard F. Calichman Author

The Science of Satyug

SUNY series in Hindu Studies (Series)

Daniel Heifetz Author

Édouard Glissant, Philosopher

Alexandre Leupin Author
Andrew Brown Translator

Mindfulness as Sustainability

SUNY series on Religion and the Environment (Series)

Maria Jaoudi Author

The Land beyond the Border

SUNY series in Comparative Politics (Series)

Johannes Becke Author

Leadership and Legacy

SUNY series on the Presidency: Contemporary Issues (Series)

Tom Lansford Editor
Douglas M. Brattebo Editor

Partition's Legacies

Joya Chatterji Author
David Washbrook Author of introduction, etc.

Cosmopolitan Belongingness...

Matthew Leep Author

Reading, Wanting, and Broken...

SUNY series in the History of Books, Publishing, and the Book Trades (Series)

Book 1900

Simon R. Frost Author

Words of Destiny

SUNY series in Hindu Studies (Series)

Caterina Guenzi Author

The Hagiographer and the Avatar

SUNY series in Religious Studies (Series)

Antonio Rigopoulos Author

Knowing It When You See It

SUNY series, Literature . . . in Theory (Series)

Patrick O'Donnell Author

Open Borders

SUNY series in Contemporary Italian Philosophy (Series)

Silvia Benso Editor
Antonio Calcagno Editor

America in Denial

SUNY series in African American Studies (Series)

Lori Latrice Martin Author

Making the Case

Heidi Grasswick Editor
Nancy Arden McHugh Editor


Raymond Angelo Belliotti Author

Multicultural Poetics

SUNY series in Multiethnic Literatures (Series)

Nissa Parmar Author

Native Recognition

SUNY series, Horizons of Cinema (Series)

Joanna Hearne Author

Subjects That Matter

Namita Goswami Author

Amskapi Pikuni

Clark Wissler Author
Alice Beck Kehoe Author

A Dream of Hitchcock

Murray Pomerance Author