Pleasure Man

Corey Johnson Author

. . . Theres Something Wrong...

Barbara Rose Brooker Author

Laughing in Rank and File

Daryl Talbot Author

A Time in Ybor City

Ron Kase Author

A Greedy Vengeance

William Mitchell Ross Author


William Hayashi Author

World of Dawn

Shawn Gale Author

A New Beginning

Dennis Miller Author

Steam and Shadow

Grayson Cole Author

Lunar Vampire Chronicles

H.S. Darke Author

Grizzly Killer

Lane R Warenski Author

The Paranormal Preacher

Darrell Gene Motal Author

The Lethal Equation

Jacquel Clark Author

The Death of America

Robert L. Stevens Author

Mentchu-Hotep and the Spirit...

Mfundishi Jhutyms Salim Author

Maxie Thermopolis or Don'T...

Alan G. Wasenius Author


Twinkle Zaman Author

Born to Lead

Pam Jackson Author

Two Flagg Suspense

Patrice Ragan Flagg Author

Angel Wing Begonias

Bucky Williams—Hooker PhD Author

Sweet Chaos

Shana Congrove Author


Sharon Ghanny Author
R.H. Ali Author

Toxic Tales of Sin

Pat Booth-Lynch Author

Rescues to Arrests

Mark Cleavenger Author

The Thin Red Line

Gemma García-San Román Author

Pinnacle Station

Jesse Sobel Author

Surf Sessions

Shark2th Author

From Kabul to Toronto and...

Sayeda Habib Author

Jericho Ruined

Ceaira Mitchell Author

Dirty Turtles

D. C. LaRock Author


Snookie Fleming Author

A Heart in the Dark

Mad Dog Author

Friendly Betrayal

José Antonio López Author

Eloise the Vampire Lover

Gordon D. Jensen Author

A Poem for a Poem

Abigail Feleke Author


Nancy B. Stanton Author

Empress Hiding

Y. M. Roger Author

Fleetie's Crossing

K. Bruce Florence Author

A Demon's Tale

M.P. Bryant III Author


DL Taylor Author

Banana Bubblegum

Melody Ortenburger Suppes Author

A Life Rebuilt

Beth G. C. Robb Author

Angry Haunting

MaryAnthi Dielmann Author

Beware the Demagogue!

Edward John Mastronardi Author

The Sketcher

Leeia Henderson Author

A Disconnected Heart

C. G. Gardiner Author

Oako's Heart of Gold

Sandra C Addis Author
Raquel Rodriguez Illustrator

Sixty-six Songs

Wale Owoeye ESQ Author