Medicinal Plants of Asia and...

Christophe Wiart Author

Chronic Pain

Gary W. Jay Author

Sports Nutrition

Ira Wolinsky Editor
Judy A. Driskell Editor

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chongyun Liu Author
Angela Tseng Author

The Crisis Management Cycle

Christer Pursiainen Author

The Woman Who Lost Her Skin

Rob Norman Author

Morality and Health

Allan M. Brandt Editor
Paul Rozin Editor

Routledge Handbook of Sports...

Routledge International Handbooks (Series)

Keith Ward Editor

Rethinking Health Promotion

Theodore H. MacDonald Author

Women and Health

Sue Wilkinson Editor
Celia Kitzinger Editor

Living with Bariatric Surgery

Denise Ratcliffe Author

Managing in Health and Social...

Vivien Martin Author
Julie Charlesworth Author

Practice and Research in...

Barbara Fawcett Editor
Brid Featherstone Editor

Principles and Practice of...

Sheila Godfrey Author

Toward Sustainable...

Routledge Studies in Sustainability Transitions (Series)

Jacqueline Broerse Editor
John Grin Editor

Transforming Community Health...

John W. Moran Author

The Prevention of Eating...

Michael P. Levine Author
Linda Smolak Author

New Directions in Health...

Routledge Library Editions: Health, Disease and Society (Series)

George Campbell Editor

Youth Rugby

Routledge Research in Paediatric Sport and Exercise Science (Series)

Kevin Till Editor
Jonathon Weakley Editor

Health, Disease and Society

Routledge Library Editions: Health, Disease and Society (Series)

Kelvyn Jones Author
Graham Moon Author

Care of the Elderly Mentally...

Routledge Library Editions: Health, Disease and Society (Series)

Barbara Gray Author
Bernard Isaacs Author

Nutritional Abnormalities in...

Chris E Taylor Author

How to Improve Doctor-Patient...

Christine J. Ko Author

The Sports Rehabilitation...

Konstantinos Papadopoulos Editor
Mark Richardson Editor

Public Policy Lessons from...

Routledge Studies in African Development (Series)

Fred Eboko Author

Complementary and Alternative...

Ruth Barcan Author

HIV in the UK

Jose Catalan Author
Barbara Hedge Author

Dialogue and the...

Robert Pool Author

Peace Building Through...

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series

Norbert Goldfield Editor

Living with Mild Brain Injury

After Brain Injury: Survivor Stories (Series)

Pauline O'Connor Author

Sport and Exercise Physiology...

Richard Davison Editor
Paul M Smith Editor

From Safety to Safety Science

Paul Swuste Author
Jop Groeneweg Author

The Vulnerable Humanitarian

Routledge Humanitarian Studies (Series)

Gemma Houldey Author

Coaching Masters Athletes

Bettina Callary Editor
Bradley Young Editor

Mindfulness for Young Adults

Linda Yaron Weston Author

Birth Advantages and Relative...

Routledge Research in Sports Coaching (Series)

Adam L. Kelly Editor
Jean Côté Editor


Charlotte Church Author
Alison Read Author

War and Redemption

Larry Dewey Author

Living Your Life with Cancer...

Anne Johnson Author
Claire Delduca Author

Jung, Deleuze, and the...

Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (Series)

Roderick Main Editor
Christian McMillan Editor

Health Care for Lesbians and...

K Jean Peterson Author

Eating, Sleeping, and Sex

Perspectives on Behavioral Medicine Series

Albert J. Stunkard Editor
Andrew S. Baum Editor


The Basics (Series)

Helen Baston Author

Routledge Handbook of Yoga...

Suzanne Newcombe Editor
Karen O'Brien-Kop Editor

HIV & AIDS and the Older Adult

Kathleen M. Nokes Editor

Essentials of Performance...

Mike Hughes Editor
Ian M Franks Editor


Policy, Politics, Health and Medicine Series

Samuel S. Epstein Author

Exercise Management for...

Andrew Scott Editor
David Broom Editor