Cirque De La Carnage

S.K. Ballinger Author


Elle J Rossi Author


Michaelbrent Collings Author

The Right Thing

James Richard Larson Author

The Unfleshed

Lisa Vasquez Author

The Gaston Danville

Gaston Danville Author
Brian Stableford Editor

Quarantine: Burn The Dead, #1

Burn the Dead (Series)

Steven Jenkins Author

Deadly Captive, #1

Deadly Captive (Series)

Bianca Sommerland Author

The Late Shift

Fangoria Dreadtime Stories (Series)

Dennis Etchison Author

Desperate Shadows

Desperate Shadows Trilogy (Series)

Jason W. Blair Author

Ice Cream Man (A Short Story)

I.E. Pell Author

Dog Daze

Rebecca M. Senese Author

A 2nd Collection of Horror...

Fear (Series)

Lee Jones Author

Aphotic Forest

M. Daniels Author

Things Slip Through

The Clifton Heights Saga (Series)

Kevin Lucia Author

Diary of a Wimpy Noob

Noob's Diary (Series)

Nooby Lee Author

Wild Call

Rebecca M. Senese Author

At Woods Edge

Of the Trees (Series)

Book 2

E.M. Fitch Author

The Exorcist

William Peter Blatty Author
William Peter Blatty Narrator


Charis Constantine Author

Lean Season

Wayne Kyle Spitzer Author

Death Wish

Horror Story Volumes (Series)

G.M. Hague Author

Petrified (Two Tales of Zombies)

Kristen Middleton Author
Chrissy Peebles Author

The Grimwoods

Matt Mann Author


Kevin Wallis Author

Carnival & Carnival Battle

Terri DelCampo Author

The Neighbors

Zach Bohannon Author

Never Fear

Never Fear (Series)

F. Paul Wilson Author
Rachel Aukes Author


Brad D. Sibbersen Author

The Complete Collection...

The Keeper Chronicles (Series)

Kester James Finley Author

The Complete Roadtrip Z

Roadtrip Z (Series)

Lilith Saintcrow Author

Horror Stories 3

Horror Stories (Series)

Jaydeep Shah Author

Dead Woman's Journal: Between...

Between Life and Death (Series)

Ann Christy Author

A Better Life

Kyle M. Scott Author

Nightmare Magazine, Issue 90...

Nightmare Magazine (Series)

John Joseph Adams Author

The Second Shred

Shredded (Series)

DL W Author


Rex Doom Author


Six of One (Series)

DeAnna C. Zankich Author

Witching Hour

Witching Hour Anthologies (Series)

Alana Delacroix Author
Amber Bryant Author

Wicked Bone

Kari Kilgore Author

Doorbells at Dusk

Josh Malerman Author
Evans Light Author

The Walking Man

Anthony Izzo Author

Barnabas Collins Versus the...

Dark Shadows (Series)

Book 11

Marilyn Ross Author
Kathryn Leigh Scott Narrator

Raven's Hill, #1

Raven's Hill (Series)

Lynn Mullican Author

Everything You Ever Wanted...

Brad D. Sibbersen Author

La Oscuridad

The Dark (Series)

Erin Roberts Author
alberto Chimal Author

The Taste

Matthew Bin Author

Two Bodies One Soul

Alannah King Author