Genius & Anxiety

Norman Lebrecht Author
Jonathan Davis Narrator

A Tale of Love and Darkness

Amos Oz Author
Nicholas de Lange Translator

Philip Roth

Blake Bailey Author


Howard Fast Author

The Gifts of the Jews

Thomas Cahill Author

How to Keep Kosher

Lise Stern Author

The Man in the White...

Lucette Lagnado Author

Clara's War

Clara Kramer Author
Stephen Glantz Author


Alan M. Dershowitz Author and narrator

Anne Frank

Francine Prose Author

The Story of the Scrolls

Geza Vermes Author

Legends of Babylon and Egypt...

L. W. (Leonard William) King Author

Clara's War

Clara Kramer Author
Stephen Glantz Author


Charles Foran Author

Various Positions

Ira B. Nadel Author

Still Alive

The Helen Rose Scheuer Jewish Women's Series

Ruth Kluger Author
Lore Segal Author of introduction, etc.

Out of the Depths

Israel Meir Lau Author
Shimon Peres Author of introduction, etc.

Dossier K

Imre Kertész Author
Tim Wilkinson Translator

The Pianist

Wladyslaw Szpilman Author

The Hands of War

Marione Ingram Author
Keith Lowe Author of introduction, etc.

The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank Author
Helena Bonham Carter Narrator

Boy 30529

Felix Weinberg Author

A Bag of Marbles

Joseph Joffo Author
Vincent Bailly Illustrator

Free Spirit

Joshua Safran Author

Diane von Furstenberg

Gioia Diliberto Author

Violins of Hope

James A. Grymes Author

All But My Life

Gerda Weissmann Klein Author

My Grandfather's Gallery

Anne Sinclair Author
Shaun Whiteside Translator

Between Gods

Alison Pick Author

Gazing at the Stars

Eva Slonim Author

What You See is What You Get

Alan Sugar Author
Volunteers Narrator

The Rothschilds

Frederic Morton Author

Rywka's Diary

Anita Friedman Author


Grantlee Kieza Author


Yossi Ghinsberg Author
Greg McLean Author of introduction, etc.

The Girl in the Red Coat

Roma Ligocka Author

When Memory Comes

Saul Friedländer Author
Helen R. Lane Translator

We Were the Future

Yael Neeman Author

Hell's Traces

Victor Ripp Author

If All the Seas Were Ink

Ilana Kurshan Author

Night: Memorial Edition

Night Trilogy (Series)

Elie Wiesel Author
Barack Obama Contributor

The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah

Adam Valen Levinson Author

Feeling Jewish

Devorah Baum Author

Past-It Notes

Derina Dinkin Narrator
Maureen Lipman Author

The Last Palace

Norman Eisen Author
Jeff Goldblum Narrator

The Cut Out Girl

Bart van Es Author
Bart van Es Narrator

The Cut Out Girl

Bart van Es Author

Renia's Diary

Elizabeth Bellak Contributor
Renia Spiegel Author